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Postpartum belly binding is the art of wrapping the belly for physical support and to help quicken the recovery process after delivery. The benefits include:

➡️Helps the uterus shrink to it’s pre-pregnancy size & helps organs go back into place 

➡️Supports back & hip muscles and improves posture

➡️Reduces the chances of diastasis recti (the separation of ab muscles) 

➡️Provides uterine pressure to help decrease bleeding (lochia)

➡️Increases body image

➡️Reduces back & abdominal pain

This tradition is used by people all over the world and each culture have their own way of binding. 

Should be used for the 1st 30-40 days after birth (if vaginal) — if c-section, wait until incision is no longer sore.

Belly Wraps (Customed)

  • Postpartum belly wraps

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