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It gives me great joy to have helped so many women and families experience their pregnancy and labor in a positive way. I’m especially happy to share some of the positive feedback I’ve received from clients, many of whom I’ve remained in touch with.

Testimonials: Testimonials

“Takiyah was the staple in my birthing process. She guided me pre-birth with sufficient education, and stayed by my side through all parts of a very expanded labor…up until my c-section. Without her I don’t know how I would’ve gotten through it.”

- Jessie & Jonathan 


“I can’t begin to say enough thanks to you for planning, assisting and nurturing me throughout my pregnancy and postpartum. You provided not only me, but Xio’mara, with so much love and affection that it practically swaddled us… This birth was much more that what I would ever dream for. It was a true spiritual and magnificent event that cannot go unrecognized. Again, I cannot fathom words that could express the amount of gratitude and thankfulness I have towards you. Thank you!”

- Cabria C.


“I would have never been able to get through labor without you. You made me feel strong and confident. You taught me to advocate for myself and my baby. Kevin and I felt so grateful to have you there with us. The Williams family will always love you. We can't thank you enough!”

- Tiffany & Kevin


“I can’t even begin to imagine my delivery without you. Thank you for being patient, and very supportive. Having a black educated doula who knows her stuff can be very comforting. I was at peace knowing you had my back the whole time while I was in labor. Getting me and my husband prepared before labor and crushing it during was so beautiful we will never forget this. I love you so much I even felt more comfortable knowing you before, because you were actually my teacher in medical school. I’m honored very professional and so intelligent. You made my experience so remarkable I’m ready to have another baby and my six weeks ain’t up yet lol. Thank you Thank You Thank you.”

-Shaleena & Eli

“Without you I didn’t think I could do it…but I did with all your help. Thank you for being by my side and letting me experience my birth plan and coaching me for a safe delivery. Baby Hayden and I love you.”

- Tatiana D

“Besides my husband I couldn’t have seen anyone else being apart of our son’s delivery. Thank you for your kind and humble but strong ❤️. Most of all thank you for being a black👌🏾 Doula. This was my first time with that experience and I will never forget it☺️. My teacher and confidant for life. We love you 😘 I was so grateful to have had you in the room with us.”

- Paris & Kevin

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