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Benefits of Yoni Steaming

Updated: Dec 29, 2021

What is a yoni steam?

Yoni is the Sanskrit word for the female genitalia, the womb, and the vagina. It means "sacred place" and symbolizes our divine nature and its sacred portal to life.

Yoni steaming is an ancient and traditional holistic health practice in which a woman allows the warmth of herbal steam to gently penetrate the exterior of her vagina. Between menstruation, sexual intercourse, and childbirth, the vagina withstands a lot. When you add changing hormones and pelvic floor issues to the mix, sometimes the vaginal area is anything but comfortable. That's why the ancient practice of yoni steaming is becoming more popular. Essentially, herbs are brewed in a steam pot, and the container is placed under you or under your open seated chair. Blankets and sheets are wrapped around your torso to create a kind of sweat lodge for your lower torso. You sit and receive the moist warmth of the healing steam. It enters your body directly through your yoni and penetrates to your uterus, pelvis, and even up through a deep central channel connecting to your heart so you can feel better in your body and your life.


What are the potential benefits to a yoni steam?

Vaginal steaming can offer many benefits. It is even called a ‘facial’ for the vagina. These potential benefits may include:

  • Reduces PMS (pre-menstrual) symptoms (i.e. bloating, cramping, exhaustion and heavy bleeding)

  • Helps regulate an irregular or absent menstrual cycle

  • Decreases heavy menstrual flow

  • Quicker healing and toning of the uterus and vagina after birth

  • Relieves bacterial infections like UTIs and bacterial vaginosis

  • Maintains healthy odor

  • Assist with healing of hemorrhoids

  • Helps restore bacterial and pH balance

  • Relief of menopausal symptoms (i.e. vaginal dryness)

  • Increase libido and lubrication

  • Cleanse and detoxify the yoni, body, and mind

How to use the YONI Steam Herbs:

As a steam:

  1. Bring 2-3 quarts of purified water to a boil. Add a handful of herbs to the pot. Continue to boil for 5 minutes. Turn off heat and let herbs simmer down. Remove from heat and let it cool down to a comfortable temperature. Test the steam with your forearm so that it won‘t burn your yoni.

  2. Place the herbs and water in your sitz bath, pot, or heat-resistant bowl.

  3. Undress from the waist down and keep your socks on to maintain heat.

  4. Wrap yourself in a blanket

  5. Sit over the pot or toilet with legs wide open and feet firmly planted. Make sure blanket completely covers your lower half and the bowl of herbs to prevent the steam from escaping.

  6. You are done when you feel the steam heat fading. Be sure you are using this 20 minutes to connect with yourself and your womb. Make your intentions for healing clear.

  7. Thank the plants for the power to heal you during this process

  8. After your Yoni Steam, take at least 15 minutes to lay down and relax. This is the most important part. Let the healing sink in.

As a per-rinse:

  1. Purchase a peri bottle

  2. Bring purified water to a boil. Add a handful of herbs to the pot. Continue to boil for 5 minutes. Turn off heat and let herbs simmer down..

  3. Strain the herbs out of the water and place water in a per-bottle.

  4. Squeeze warm or at room temperature over your perineal area as you urinate. (This significantly reduces inflammation and stinging)

As a bath:

  1. Prepare herbs just like the peri-rinse instruction above,

  2. Prepare bath water as desired

  3. Pour herbs and water into the bath. If you do not want the hassle of cleaning the tub of herbs afterwards, then you can strain the herbs out before transferring to the bath.

  4. Relax, and allow the herbs to soak in and heal, soothe, and revitalize you.


When should you NOT steam:

  • During menstruation or active bleed

  • During ovulation if you are planning on conceiving

  • If you have an active infection (like herpes - wait until the open blisters have dried up before steaming)

  • If you are pregnant or think you are pregnant

  • If you have an IUD (steam is limited to 5-10 minutes)

  • If you have an active internal infection (i.e. cervical, ovarian and uterine inflammation) w/ a fever


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